Halloween Fun: Animal Dress-up

Animals are self-confident by nature. Have you ever met a cat that didn’t think being a cat was just purr-fect? An elephant who wasn’t always in its element? Even chickens know how to strut their stuff! So, why would any animal want to dress up as something else? 

Because it’s Halloween! Check out Terra’s silly and unscientific list that answers a very important question: If animals dressed up for Halloween, what would they go trick or treatin’ as? 

Why did the cheetah dress up as a lion?

Because he just wanted to feel the wind in his hair!

Why did the rabbit dress up as a Tyrannosaurus Rex?

Because she was already used to having hind legs much bigger than her arms. And the teethdefinitely the teeth.

Why did the chickens dress up as an elephant?

Because they could only afford one costume for all 27 of them.

Why did the donkey dress up as a zebra?

Because all he had in his closet was an old striped suit.

Why did the raccoon dress up as a giraffe?

Because he was tired of sneaking around and keeping his head down!

Why did the hippo dress up as a frog?

Because he always dreamed of a career in hip-hop!

Why did the water buffalo dress up as a dolphin?

Because she wanted to finally get her hooves wet!

Why did the bald eagle dress up as a caribou?

Because she thought it would be scary – cariBOO!
Happy Halloween from Terra! Did we forget someone? Let us know what creature your favorite animal would dress up as for Halloween. Then, share the laughs (and some candy) with your friends and family and join us @TerrabyBattat for more animal facts, fun, and activities!

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