Animal Gifts for Everyone’s Favorite Seasons

Find the ideal gift to match your little explorer’s special season and learn something along the way. As we imagine why each season is these critters’ favorite time of year, you’ll learn fun facts about some fabulous creatures! 

Spring - Rabbits

Why they love it:
Rabbits love spring because that’s when they’re born into the world. Rabbits reproduce very quickly, so by the time trees are budding, lots of baby bunnies are ready to tumble out of their burrows! 

What they like to do:
Rabbits are uncomplicated creatures. They enjoy sunrises and munching on fresh greens. In the wild, rabbits eat grass, flowers, and other plants. But if you want to give a rabbit a treat, a bunch of parsley will work wonders! 

For those with spring in their step: Bunny Hutch 

Summer - Sheep

Why they love it:
Clear blue skies and good green grass! During the summer, lambs move on from their mothers’ milk and start chewing in the fields with the flock. 

What they like to do:
Aside from eating, sheep and lambs love to get a haircut in the summer. Shearing (the process of removing sheep’s wool) takes a little help from the farmer, but then everyone is free to enjoy the mid-summer sun! 

For the sun-chasers: Sheep & Lamb 

Fall - Brown Bears

Why they love it:
Two words – hibernation preparation! 

What they like to do:
Eat food and lots of it! Fall is the time for bears to put on the extra fat they need to hibernate through the long, cold winter months. To do this, bears eat and drink almost constantly, a process called hyperphagia. 

For those who fall for autumn: Brown Bear Family 

Winter - Cat Tree

Why they love it:
If you’re a cat, winter is for staying indoors and keeping cozy and warm!

What they like to do:
It’s cold outside and warm inside, so what’s a cuddly cat to do except lounge on the cat tree by a crackling fireplace? But, ah, there is one other thing they like to do! Sleep in a warm lap. And the best part? Scientists think snuggling a purring cat might be good for your health!

For the winter-lover: Cat Tree 

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