Holiday Gifts for Animal Lovers

We all remember the one gift that left us breathless with excitement. Tearing off the wrapping paper to reveal not just a present, but the possibility of magic. At Terra, you might say we’re naturals at making magical holiday moments – it’s in our nature!

Have your camera ready; you’re going to need it for that once-in-a-lifetime reaction to these incredible animal toys. Explore our top Farm Animals, Dinosaurs, Wild Animals, and Sea Animals below! Then, make sure to find some room under your tree!

Have your camera ready; you’re going to need it for that once-in-a-lifetime reaction to these incredible animal toys. Explore our top Farm Animals, Dino Toys, Wild Animals, and Sea Creatures! below! Then, make sure to find some room under your tree!

Farm Animals Toys

You're gonna need a big tree

Wooden Animal Barn

Why it’s Great: This realistic wooden barn is ready to welcome your flocks and herds! Play in comfort and style thanks to a big, hinged roof and sliding doors that open. There’s plenty of room to get farm fun done!

Ways to Play: Hoist your hay into the loft or find a place for your new horse in the attached stable.

Fun Fact: Our toy barn is modeled after the American classic gambrel-roofed barn, named for its generous loft. The animals appreciate all the storage space for snacks!

A classic you can carry around

Country World Bucket

Why it’s Great: This bucket includes 24 miniature farm animals, like cows, pigs, and roosters. You’ll also find 34 accessories for pretend play and launching kids into learning about the natural world.

Ways to Play: An excellent fit for craft projects and basic dioramas!

Fun Fact: The miniature animals can stand up on their own hooves!

Hay girl, hay! No, seriously. Can we get some hay for the holidays?

Horse Assortment

Why it’s Great: Hold on to your horses. You’ve got 6 of them now! A wild and speedy Mustang, a graceful White Arabian… get to know them all and enjoy the realistic details.

Ways to Play: These horses can stand up on their own hooves, so they’re great for a nature diorama, pretend play, or simply looking majestic on the shelf of a horse-lover.

Fun Fact: Horses sleep laying down… but they can also sleep standing up! Impressive.


Dinosaur Toys

Dino toys and volcanos

Lava Mountain, T. Rex Adventure

Why it’s Great: It’s a mountain spewing lava AND there are dinosaurs. Need we say more? Ok, the electronic T. Rex lights up and makes realistic sounds! This set also includes an action figure, 4×4, and baby dinosaur figures.

Ways to Play: The perfect playset to let kids’ imaginations run wild. Is the man rescuing the baby dinos from the T. Rex? Maybe the T. Rex is rescuing the man from the dinos!

Fun Fact: Scientists believe that a Tyrannosaurus Rex’s preferred habitats were coastal swamps and open forests and that they liked to stay close to water sources.

“Do you have a permit to transport this prehistoric creature?”

T-Rex Transport

Why it’s Great: It’s got six wheels, three working lights, realistic sounds, and one ferocious passenger: Tyrannosaurus Rex!

Ways to Play: Where is the King of Lizards going? What happens if it escapes? Let wild imaginations tell the story.

Fun Fact: The largest and most complete T-Rex skeleton (known as Sue), measures more than 40 feet long (12.19 meters) and 13 feet tall (3.96 meters). You’re going to need a big truck!


Wild Animals Toys

Give the gift of rest and relaxation

Wooden Animal Hospital

Why it’s Great: This wooden vet playset is spacious, solid and ready for critters from all over the animal kingdom in need of a helping hand. “Has your cat got a cold? Oh, your cat is a lion – bring ‘em in!”

Ways to Play: The roof opens and closes for easy access to everything inside! Weigh animals on the scale or pack their troughs with food for a quick recovery. Also, use the ladder to get that monkey off the roof!

Fun Fact: Most veterinarians work with small animals like cats and dogs. But 25% of vets are trained to care for big animals on farms or in the wild!

How do they fit all the wild inside?

Wild Animals Tube

Why it’s Great: 60 assorted miniature wild animals, like giraffes, lions, and gorillas, for all your wilderness needs – turn the playroom rug into a jungle!

Ways to Play: Perfect for filling out a shoebox diorama, decorating for a wild party, or carrying around in a pocket in case of emergencies (kids will understand).

Fun Fact: Did you know the average length of a giraffe’s tongue is about 20 inches? Whoa!

Wild favorites from across the continent

North American Animal Assortment

Why it’s Great: 6 detailed and iconic North American animal friends, from the majestic moose to the imposing American bison.

Ways to Play: Take these forest-loving creatures outdoors for fun in the fresh air, or find a path to parts unknown in the playroom.

Fun Fact: Did you know that the bison is one of the largest land animals in North America? The male American bison can weigh up to 2100 lbs. Wow!


Ocean Animals Toys

Step 1: Fill tub. Step 2: Empty tube into tub. Step 3: SHARK!

Sea Animals Tube

Why it’s Great: 60 assorted miniature sea creatures just right there in a tube, ready for playing – it’s incredible! You don’t even need to get on a boat.

Ways to Play: Add some instant wild to any waterplay with the fine-finned fish and other sea friends in this convenient tube.

Fun Fact: Scientists have only explored about 5% of the world’s oceans. What else is down there??

A whole ocean in a bucket

Marine World

Why it’s Great: 26 fish toys and 32 fun accessories to build your own imaginary underwater ocean world!

Ways to Play: Dive into water-play with these seagoing toys or decorate for an ocean-themed birthday party.

Fun Fact: Did you know the largest living organism on Earth is the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia? You can see it from space!

Have you found the perfect gift for the discerning animal fans in your life this season? Let us know @TerrabyBattat! We’ve got you covered for the holidays with fun, educational toys for everyone on your list.

Explore even more Farm Animals, Dino Toys, Wild Animals, and Sea Creatures!

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