Surprising Facts About Our Favorite Farm Animals

A lot of hard work happens on a farm, especially around harvest time. Horses are pulling, chickens are laying, cows are chewing, and pigs love to be wallowing! But, even with all that hard work, there’s plenty of time for fun. We’re sharing surprising facts about our favorite farm animals to prove it.  

These aren’t just fun facts. They’re farm facts! 

Donkey Facts

Ah, the humble donkey. Less yee-haw and more hee-haw! 

Did You Know…?

Donkeys have something in common with rabbits! The large ears of donkeys actually work the same way as a rabbit’s to help them beat the heat. How? Large, thin-skinned ears work like a car’s radiator and chill the animal’s blood to lower their temperature. Wow, who knew donkeys were so cool? 

Friesian Facts

AKA, the most fabulous horse of all time!

Did You Know…?

Friesian horses have been famous for a long time. Like, a loooong time. Back in the 13th Century, in the Middle Ages, Friesians were the favorite choice of knights across Europe. Why? Well, for the reasons they’re so beloved today. Friesians are big, beautiful, capable horses who are good at everything you want a horse to do, like galloping, jumping, pulling, and just being awesome. 

Sheep Facts

“Hey Shawn, have you sheen this shepherd before? 

Did You Know…?

The ordinary woolly sheep actually has an uncommonly good memory! Scientific studies have shown that sheep can recognize and remember up to 50 faces. So, this means that sheep can make friends! They probably have a group of friends in their flock, and since they can also recognize human faces, maybe they remember you! 

Highland Cow Facts

Check out that hairdo. Highland cow? More like highland wow! 

Did You Know…?

In their native Scotland, Highland Cows are simply known as “hairy coos.” Cows aren’t usually known for their style, much less their hairstyle, but the Highland Cow knows how to make a hirsute statement!  

So, what’s all that hair for? Keeping warm on the chilly highlands, of course. But what about those bangs, officially known as a “dossan”? Well, that’s just pure fashion, and the hairy coos don’t seem to have any trouble finding their way around! 

We hope you have enjoyed these surprising facts about our favorite farm animals. Do you have a top barnyard buddy? Let us know, and join the fun @TerrabyBattat. You’ll be hee-haw-ing in no time! 

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