Put a Little Brr in Your Sensory Bins

Looking for activities that keep the cold outside and bring the wintry fun inside? Terra is pleased to offer a crash course in frosty-themed Sensory Bins! This guide is for everyone out there who like their winters how they like their Highland Cows – hygge and highly Instagram-able! 

Benefits of Sensory Play

Exploring sensory bins offers kids a variety of benefits in addition to being a (sometimes literal) bucket of fun! 

Improves fine motor skills

As kids dig around a sensory bin, they’re working all the small muscles in their hands that are essential to using a spoon, holding a toothbrush or, one day, writing. Be sure to include different-sized filler materials so kids can use their pincer grasp too. Try providing scoops, spoons, and tongs for an even better fine-motor workout! 

Calming experience

Sensory bins are a good activity to soothe an overstimulated child. Parents may even want to join them to feel a bit more zen.  

Language development

While kids explore their sensory bin, try narrating the activity for younger children and asking questions to older ones. Bins offer lots of opportunities to get kids thinking. Try asking them questions like, “Is there more rice than beans in the bin?” Or “What will happen if you pour salt into the water?” Question and response interactions help promote language development! 

Sensory exploration

Sensory bins are, well, sensory! Kids get to explore their senses of touch, sight, sound, and maybe even smell! All ages can enjoy the tactile sensations of running their fingers through sand or seeing how a scoop of rice or water pours differently. 

Wild & Wintery Sensory Bins

This wouldn’t be the Terra blog if there wasn’t a wild twist! That’s why we’re offering icy inspiration from some of our biggest fans. Check out these polar-themed sensory bins from waterwings.finger and preschoolfornuggys!

Make Your Own

You’ll need a bin or tray (a cookie sheet or plastic washbasin works well) to get started, then it’s time to get wild with fillers and other sensory additions.


Sensory Bin Filler Ideas:

  • Small pasta shapes
  • Rice
  • Dry beans
  • Mini Pom-poms
  • Water
  • Kinetic sand
  • Cotton balls
  • Popcorn

Try These Polar Possibilities:

  • Freeze miniature animals from Terra tubes in an ice cube tray for frozen friends!
  • Is it cold outside? Bring in some real snow and watch it melt for a transforming sensory experience!
  • Add our Penguin pair or Polar Bear family for an authentically polar population!

📸 @preschoolfornuggys on IG
Bring a little wild inside with a polar sensory bin, then show us your creations by tagging @TerrabyBattat!

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