Holiday Stocking Stuffers for Animal Lovers

At Terra, holiday magic is in our nature! We’re here to help you deck the halls and stuff all the stockings to prepare for the big day. What’s easy to stuff in a stocking? A tube, of course! And what’s the perfect thing to put in a tube? Tiny animal toys!

Find the perfect stocking stuffer thanks to Terra’s animal tubes. Packed with 60 miniature figurines, each tube is a gift that keeps on giving!

Wild Animals Tube

Loads of Wild Inside

Why it’s Great : Features 60 assorted miniature wild animals like lions, tigers, and bears for all your wilderness needs. Let’s migrate to the playroom!

Ways to Play: Perfect for filling out a shoebox diorama or carrying around in a pocket in case of emergencies (kids will understand).

Fun Fact: Did you know each individual zebra’s stripes are unique? Just like a fingerprint!

Tropical Fish Tube

Mini plastic tropical fish toys gifts

Instant Reef

Why it’s Great: Take these rainbow-colored fancy fish into the bath, the pool, or the water table to make playtime a tropical excursion!

Ways to Play: Try using these tropical friends to make an ocean-inspired sensory bag for long car rides with young children.

Fun Fact: The bright orange Clown Fish is about the size of a teacup in the wild!

Farm Animal Tube

Mini plastic farm animal toys gifts

100% Grass-Fed Fun

Why it’s Great: Perfect for packing pretend pastures with a crowd of barnyard classics like cows, chickens, and goats. Add lots of life to farm play!

Ways to Play: Test your kid’s farm animal knowledge with a game and hand out miniature animal trophies!

Fun Fact: Did you know that the average chicken lays between 200-300 eggs per year? That’s a lot of omelets!

Dinosaurs Tube

mini plastic dinosaur toys gifts

Little Tube, Lotsa Dinos

Why it’s Great: Enjoy 12 different miniature dinosaur figurines with bold colors and accurate details. Bring prehistoric beasts back to the present!

Ways to Play: These little dinos make ideal goodie bag stuffers for a kids’ Jurassic-themed birthday party!

Fun Fact: One of the smallest dinosaurs was the Microraptor, weighing just 2 pounds and likely resembling a large pigeon!

Insect Tube

Mini plastic insect toys gifts

So Many Friends. So Many Legs!

Why it’s Great: Unleash a swarm  of 12 different creepy crawlies like spiders, scorpions, and hard-working ants. These insect toys might be too realistic looking!

Ways to Play: We’re not saying you should spook someone with these critters, but just imagine finding one in your sock drawer…BOO!

Fun Fact: Scientists estimate there are about 20 quadrillion ants on the Earth. That’s 20,000 trillion ants. That’s a lot of ants!

Sea Animals Tube

Mini plastic sea animals toys gifts

A Whole Ocean in One Tube

Why it’s Great: Filled to the brim with variety, this tube holds 12 different sea creatures like sharks, penguins, and the world’s coolest crustacean, the lobster!

Ways to Play: Kids can liven up water play with these fishy friends and bigger kids will love taking them into the pool!

Fun Fact: How fast can a starfish run? About as fast as a snail, so they’re more tortoise than hare!

Reptiles Tube

Loads of Leapin’ Lizards

Why it’s Great: Cold-blooded creatures are cool, just ask the crocodiles, alligators, and colorful frogs included in this  totally chill tube.

Ways to Play: The perfect addition to a desert-themed sensory bin or for an afternoon of outdoor play.

Fun Fact: The world’s smallest frog, Paedophryne amauensis, was discovered in 2012 and measures only 0.27 inches (7mm). That’s less than half the size of a dime!

Horses Tube

Mini plastic horses toys gifts

All the Itty Bitty Pretty Horses

Why it’s Great: Gallop away with 10 different horse figures who can stand up on their own four hooves! Is there anything better? Neigh!

Ways to Play: Try getting your little equine expert to name all the different breeds they know (and let them teach you a thing or two)!

Fun Fact: There are approximately 200 different breeds of horse in the world – how many can you name?

Have you found the perfect gift for the animal fans in your life this season? Let our Holiday Gift Guide show you the way! We’ve got you covered for the holidays with fun and educational toys for everyone on your list.

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