Aww-Inspiring Animal Love Stories for Valentine's Day

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we gathered local animal kingdom news for inspiring stories of love and loyalty!
The news stories below are 100% all-natural imagination – for fun only! But the True Facts are very true.
An All-American match-up

Mustangs – You've Probably Herd of Them

Meet two of America’s make-believe sweethearts: Neigh-lor Swift and Travis Hay-ce. These horses are as American as apple pie, and while one embodies the versatility and endurance associated with Mustangs, the other might be the GOAT. But, how did they get saddled together?

Travis says they started talking, cantered around town, and have been the horse world’s favorite couple ever since. So, we asked Neigh-lor what it’s like to find love as a pair of famous horses. She says, “it means I’m going to see him do what he loves, we’re showing up for each other, other people are there and we don’t care.”

That’s it folks – karma is two happy horses!

TRUE FACT: Mustangs are not wild horses. They are descended from the first tame Spanish horses brought to America – making them feral horses.

Monkeys that sing together, stay together

Gibbons – A Couple of Crooners

The Jungle Herald is pleased to announce the union of Gabby and Georgie Garble, the well-known Gibbon duet that regularly performs at the Great Tree Theater. We asked the happy couple how they’re feeling, and Gabby and Georgie burst into a swinging rendition of “I’m a Believer” by The Monkees. They look forward to many years of singing together!

TRUE FACT: Gibbon pairs are known for singing duets that combine their individual songs into a new tune unique to the couple.
The original power couple

Wolves – Dynamic Duo

The Woodland Gazette is pleased to present an inspiring profile of two local wolves who are the definition of a Power Couple: Howloncé & Jay-Clawz. This alpha pair works together to lead their pack and set the example for all social relationships in the group. In the case of Howloncé & Jay-Clawz, their example is equal parts fabulous and inspiring.

We asked them what it takes to lead a wolf pack and to stay happy with a life mate. Jay-Clawz’s advice was simple “Without the work, the magic won’t come.” Howloncé was equally brief: “It’s not about perfection. It’s about purpose.” There you have it – the wisdom of wolves!

TRUE FACT: The alpha couple mates for life and are the only ones in the pack allowed to have pups.

Proof that nest is best

Bald Eagles – Love Nest

The Treetop Sentinel has the great honor of announcing the winner of this year’s Best Nest Contest. Kurt and Elsa Spiegal Von Eagle started building their nest shortly before the arrival of their first egg. They worked tirelessly, as all eagles do, to make a home 50 to 125 feet off the ground where their new chick could grow in safety. The Spiegal Von Eagles say little Johan is fledgling and ready to take his first flaps!

A nursery and a runway. Talk about eagle engineering!

TRUE FACT: North American bald eagle couples work together to build the largest tree nests in the world, sometimes as big as 12 feet across, 20 feet tall, and weighing up to a ton.
Sweetheart, please stop eating all the building materials...

Eurasian Beaver – Busy, Busy Builders

The Riverside Register is celebrating the milestone anniversary of local dam-building duo Bard and Belinda Beaver. This hardworking pair teams up to gather all the wood they need to eat and build their dam, even after all these years. Why? It’s simple, says Belinda, “Many paws make light work, and Bard cooks delicious stick soup.”

Bard agrees and gives his lifemate a knowing look. “I can stick two logs together, but Belinda’s got the brains – she’ll out-dam the Hoover one day.” The couple holds paws and Belinda laughs, “we fit just right, in our little lodge made for two – or three!”

TRUE FACT: Eurasian beaver partners split all work – gathering food, building their dam and lodge, guard duty, and all parenting tasks. Just leave it to beavers!
Take your vulture by the wing

Black Vulture – My Vulture Valentine

Today, the Carrion Courrier would like to honor two beacons in the bird community, Vaughn and Velma Vulture. This pair of vultures has been giving back to their community for years, and it all started with a dance.

Vaugh and Velma performed the traditional vulture mid-air mating dance and have been stunning audiences ever since. Now they’re passing on their skills to young vultures who just want to dance. “It’s all in the feathers,” says Velma. “When you’re falling through the air and dancing with your love – nothing else matters in that moment. “That’s right,” says Vaughn. “It’s all love, and that is beautiful.”

TRUE FACT: Vulture mates take turns incubating their eggs, working in 24-hour shifts to make sure the chicks stay warm.
We hope these just-for-fun stories and true facts about loving and loyal animal partners fill you with warm feelings and make you smile. Share the love by sending this post to a friend! You can follow Terra in the wild @TerrabyBattat!

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