Holiday Gifts for Animal Lovers

Get ready to capture priceless unwrapping moments because, at Terra, we’re all about making holiday memories that last a lifetime.

From adorable farm animals to ferocious dinos and creepy RC crawlies, Terra has gifts for every animal lover. So, check out our holiday gift guide featuring Animal Families, Playsets, Buckets, Tubes, and RC Toys – we’ve got a little something for quiet farmers and wild adventurers alike! 🐾🦕🐆🐄

Hop in and take a ride on the wild side – you might spot the perfect gift!

Animal Families

Why They’re Awesome: All our animal figurines are modeled for realism and feature fine details and textures for kids to explore. They’re a great starting point for learning about nature – and they’re lots of fun to play with!

Cheetah Family

The 70 mph Crew

Fun Fact: Not only are cheetahs fast, they’re also extremely nimble, able to make quick turns while chasing prey.

Gorilla Family

Gorgeous Gorillas, Party of Four

Fun Fact: Young gorillas are completely dependent on their mother for the first 3 months of life.

African Elephant Family

Big “Largest Land Animal” Energy

Fun Fact: Even when not caring for newborns, Elephants don’t sleep much. Only about 2 hours a day!



Wooden Animal Barn

Big Red Barns are the BEST

Why It’s Awesome: Get ready for a barnyard bonanza with this incredible wooden barn! It’s like having your own little farm world, complete with a roof that opens and doors that slide. The first farm job is hoisting the hay bales into the loft with the winch!

Fun Fact: Our toy barn looks just like the classic American barn with its super cool loft. The animals love all that extra space!


Carry & Go Horse Stable

Go ahead, hold all your horses!

Why It’s Awesome: This portable wooden stable literally holds all your new toy horses – a Friesian, a Percheron, an Arabian Mare, a Spotted Saddle, an Akhal-Teke & a Shire!

Fun Fact: Just like human nails, horse hooves keep growing all the time. In a month, they can grow a quarter inch or more!


Bunny Hutch

Home Sweet Hutch

Why It’s Awesome: This classic bunny hutch is a comfy spot for adorable bunnies to take a nap or to enjoy a snack.

Fun Fact: Baby bunnies are called kittens – as if they aren’t cute enough!


Animal Hospital

It’s like a spa, but for animals!

Why It’s Awesome: This wooden vet playset is spacious, solid and ready for critters from all over the animal kingdom in need of a helping hand. “Has your cat got a cold? Oh, your cat is a lion – bring ‘em in!”

Fun Fact: Most veterinarians work with small animals like cats and dogs. But 25% of vets are trained to care for big animals on farms or in the wild!


Lava Mountain – T. Rex Adventure

Fire. Teeth. Adventure!

Why It’s Awesome: It’s a mountain spewing (pretend) lava AND there are dinosaurs. Need we say more? Ok, the electronic T. Rex lights up and makes realistic sounds! This set also includes an action figure, a 4×4, and baby dinosaur figures.

Fun Fact: Did you know that the T. Rex had a big brain? That’s right, in addition to 50-60 banana-sized teeth, T. Rex’s huge head had a brain twice as large as other big carnivores!


Gorilla Expedition – Snowflake

He picked his own nickname – he likes it

Why It’s Awesome: It’s got everything you need for a giant expedition – an action figure, Snowflake the gorilla, a rescue center, a rope ladder, and realistic sound effects!

Fun Fact: The world’s only known albino gorilla was named Snowflake and he lived in the Barcelona Zoo from 1963 to 2003.

Remote Control


RC Shark

You’re gonna need a bigger tub

Why It’s Awesome: Kids can control their very own water-safe Great White shark in the bath or pool, and it’s got a rechargeable battery!

Fun Fact: There are more than 500 species of sharks, and they range in size from 8 inches to 40 feet long.


RC Spider (Red)

Is it terrifying? Yes.

Why It’s Awesome: It’s quick, it’s creepy, and it can do a 360 spin on skittery spider legs – it’s tarantula time!

Fun Fact: Did you know a tarantula bite isn’t very serious? It only affects humans about as much as bee sting. Those big hairy legs though!

RC Centipede

So many legs. WHY??

Why It’s Awesome: Its long, segmented body has 40 wriggly legs. No other Terra toy has this many legs, so does that make it the best toy? Absolutely!

Fun Fact: A centipede’s fangs are known as forcipules and are actually modified legs. But don’t worry, they rarely bite humans!

RC Snake (Green)

Stick a bow on this Boa

Why It’s Awesome: Sneaky and slithery, this RC snake has glowing red eyes and is on the prowl for pranks!

Fun Fact: Emerald tree boas grow to be 6 feet long and spend most of their time hanging out on tree branches.


Why They’re Awesome: These buckets each include 24 realistic animals, like lions, cows, giraffes, and roosters. You’ll also find 34 accessories per bucket for pretend play that will launch kids into learning about the natural world. Oh, and the animals can stand up on their own hooves (or paws)!

Country World

Carry around the barnyard classics

Fun Fact: Did you know that archeologists think goats were the first domesticated animals? Probably because they’re so darn cute.

Jungle World

It’s a jungle in here

Fun Fact: Tigers can eat 80 pounds of meat in one meal… imagine if they got hangry?


 Why They’re Awesome: Need a winning stocking stuffer? Here are 12 different miniature animals just right there in a tube, ready for playing – it’s incredible! You never know when you might need a gorilla in your pocket.

60 Pieces

Wild Animals

So much wild stuffed inside

Fun Fact: Did you know the average length of a giraffe’s tongue is about 20 inches? Whoa!

60 Pieces

Tropical Fish World

An undersea rainbow

Fun Fact: Scientists have only explored about 5% of the world’s oceans. What else is down there??

60 Pieces

Insect World

Pocket-sized bugs that can fit in a shoe

Fun Fact: There are more insects on Earth than every other kind of land animal combined!

No matter how the kid in your life likes to play, Terra has the gifts you need to make their wildest playtime dreams come true.