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Wild Resolutions for the New Year

Some people say animals get by on instinct alone, but Terra fans know there are animals out there with real gumption and, dare we say, rizzFor this issue of the Woodland Gazette, we’ve rounded up those who are ready to make this new year their year with wild New Year’s Resolutions!
The stories below are 100% all-natural imagination – for fun only! But the True Facts are very true.
african elephant trunk
An elephant never forgets, but do they seize the day?

🐘 Elephant's Resolution

“This year I’ve got BIG plans,” says Eleanor Trumpets. Eleanor is an African Elephant with a sharp memory and ambitions appropriate to the largest land animal. “I’m an amateur inventor, and this year I resolve to revolutionize – wait for it – trunks!” That’s right, this year elephant trunks are getting an upgrade thanks to Eleanor.

“I already have designs for some great trunk accessories,” says Eleanor. “There’s a broom for tidying up and a nifty gadget that changes the sound of elephants’ trumpeting. Have you ever heard an elephant play a kazoo? It’s gonna be HUGE!”

TRUE FACT: An elephant’s trunk is a true multitool. It’s used for breathing, smelling, drinking, and feeding! The trunk is also useful for saying “hi” to other elephants, like how humans shake hands.
Sliding into success in 2024

🐧 Penguin's Resolution

Everyone knows that penguins waddle, right? Well, Pasha Paddlefoot has other ideas. “This year, I vow to waddle less and slide more,” says the tuxedo-clad penguin. Why? “Well, sliding on my belly is super fun, and it’s also an efficient way to get around the icy Antarctic. Plus, I ate a lot of fish over the holidays and sliding is great exercise.”

Watch out world, Pasha Penguin is sliding toward success this year!

TRUE FACT: Did you know that when penguins slide on their bellies, it’s called tobogganing? Scientists think penguins do it to travel long distances, but also because penguins find it fun!

Roar it loud and proud

🦁 Lion's Resolution

“This year, I’m committed to perfecting my roar,” says Lionel Proudpaw, as he performs vocal exercises. “It might seem easy, but a powerful roar isn’t just for show – it’s how I communicate with the lions in my pride,” says Lionel, “and how I maintain our territory.” Is the king of the jungle worried he’s spending too much time on his voice? “Not at all! My mane is already fabulous… but maybe next year I’ll learn to catch my own food.”

TRUE FACT: The adult male lion’s roar can be heard up to 5 miles (8km) away. He uses this roar to enforce the borders of his pride’s territory.
Don't put this fox in a box

🦊 Fox's Resolution

This year, Flynn Foxworthy is turning over a new leaf. “I want to redefine what it means to be a fox, ya know?” they say. “Foxes have a reputation for being sly and sneaky, and that stereotype has been terrible for my relationships. Like, who’s going to trust a fox? But I’m here, and I’m ready to commit!”

You heard it here first folks, this is the year when anything is possible in life, love, or just tail-hair care!

TRUE FACT: Foxes are caring parents. The female fox (vixen) stays with the baby foxes (pups) in their den for 7 months while the male fox (called a ‘dog’) brings them food.
Givin' a hoot about good habits

🦉 Owl's Resolution

Hoo’s last (but not least)? That’s right! It’s Hailey Hoo the snowy owl. When we asked her what her New Year’s resolution was, she knew right away. “Oh, I need to go to bed earlier this year,” she said. “Owls are nocturnal, sure, but during the winter, the nights are loooong and hootin’ is hard work.” That’s right, owls are working while we’re all sleeping!

“So I’m resolved to tuck my head under my wing well before the sunrise – and no screens before bed, either!”

TRUE FACT: Did you know not all owls hoot? Barn Owls make a hissing noise and the Screech-Owl makes a whinny sound – like a horse!
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