Fall into Friendship

As we welcome the month of September, we also welcome a new theme: Fall into Friendship! Read on for some fun facts about forest-loving animals.
brown bears in water with mountains in background.

Hello there, brown bear

Did you know that brown bears are omnivores? This means they eat pretty much anything they can find, including meat, fish, plants, berries, nuts, and even honey! In North Americathese massive mammals are known as grizzly bears. There are about 55,000 grizzlies in this region, many of which live in Alaska.

Moving on to chilly chums, the polar bear is actually the largest bear in the world, with the Kodiak subspecies of brown bear coming in second place. Also known as the Alaskan brown bear, these Kodiak critters can reach 10 feet and weigh up to 1,500 pounds  sounds PAWSitively huge to us! 

Forest Friends: Make Your Own Finger Puppets!

Waggle your fingers and wave hello to your new forest friends! These finger puppets are super-easy to make  just follow the instructions below.

Here are some of the animals we created to give you some ideas. Why not use your imagination to Fall into Friendship and discover more snuggly sidekicks? 
You will need:

  • Colored felt
  • Foam sheet
  • Googly eyes
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Pen and marker

We WOODS love to see your fabulous finger puppet creations. Tag us @terrabybattat for the chance to be featured on our Instagram story!
red foxes in forest at night.

Friendly as a Fox?

Foxes have a bit of a bad reputation for their ‘crafty’ nature, perhaps most notable in the fairytale of Little Red Riding Hood. Although red foxes can indeed be a pest in gardens by uprooting soil, they help to control the rodent population in your backyard. They also make great parents, caring for their young cubs and bringing them food – FURry responsible!

Foxes are solitary creatures but have shown sociable characteristics. In fact, scientist Dmitry Belyaev started a breeding program in the late 1950s that led to domesticated, ‘friendly’ foxes that love human interaction and even wag their tails like dogs!

We hope you enjoyed this educational forage through the forest! Our reader friends are very DEER to us, so we thank you for popping by. Dont forget to join us next month for our Animal Spooktacular!

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