Call of the Wild

Can you believe it’s August already? A new month means a new theme: Call of the Wild. Read on for some fun facts about your favorite wild animals!
young boy playing with toy zebras.

Stripes Are Always in Season

Zebras are instantly recognizable for their cool black stripes, which are believed to help dazzle their predators and prevent insect bites. Each stripy pattern is unique, so no two zebras are the same. These stripes are so distinctive, we even named a road feature after them: the zebra crossing! 

There are three different species of zebra: plains, mountain, and Grevy’s. All zebras are part of the equid family, which means they are closely linked to horses and donkeys. They have big teeth, long limbs, and can move at a fast gallop – perfect for when they need to run saFARi away!

Animal Sanctuary: Create your own Fact File!

Want to keep track of all your wild animal toys? Now you can with your very own Animal Sanctuary Fact File!

Here’s what we created with our animals, but we want you to go WILD and come up with your own ideas! 
Fact File

You will need:

We would love to see all your Fact Files, so don’t forget to send them in to us – you might even get featured on our Instagram story! 
toy wild animals on wooden table.

A World full of Wildlife

Why do some animals become extinct? There are many reasons, including pollution, loss of habitat, and climate change. Today, lots of wild animals are in danger of extinction, including rhinos, tigers, and elephants.

Want to do your bit to help conserve wildlife? One thing you can do is reuse old items and recycle what you can. For example, you could pass on your animal toys to your little brothers and sisters. You could also adopt an animal online or even volunteer at a wildlife refuge – why not check if there are any near you? Tiny steps can make a big impact!

Thank you for taking a walk on the wild side with us! We want to continue sharing fun facts about wonderful animals with you, so join us next month for a fall trip to the forest.

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