Easy Preschool Guessing Game

Who doesn’t love a guessing game? (Answer: no one!) Sometimes the simplest activities can be the greatest ones for young children and their development! Here is a fun activity for you to share with the little ones in your life that combines fun and learning. The playdough element is wonderful for children to explore with their senses and this game is great for improving cognitive skills like thinking, analyzing, comparing and memorizing.  Shall we get started?
Little african american girl and boy kids have fun play with plasticine or modeling clay at home together, small children siblings engaged in creative activity with colorful playdough, hobby concept
Ball of playdough in different colors.
What you need:


Safari Animal Footprints Playdough Match

1) Flatten playdough into the tray.  

2) Choose 4-5 animals and carefully stamp them across the playdough to create a path of tracks.  

3) Place the animals in front of the tray and let your little one match the animal to its specific tracks.  

We hope you love this easy preschool activity for kids. Do your kids like sensory play? Here is another sensory play activity for kids you might have missed and like to try with your Terra toys. Find us on instagram @TerrabyBattat and share your activity ideas with us!

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