DIY Christmas Ornaments for Kids

Are you putting up a holiday tree this year? Or perhaps you just love to decorate your space to get into the spirit! We love it too! This season we are adding the ROAR to your décor  – with these ferociously festive DIY dinosaur ornaments. Get ready for some dazzling dinos with this easy craft for kids to spruce up your space in time for the holidays.
Here’s what supplies you will need to create your very own DIY Dinosaur Holiday ornaments!

You will need:

  1. Set Up Your Work Station: Set down a craft paper or newspaper that will collect any run off paint or glue and keep your table clean. Have your tools all ready to go.
  2. Tie Your String: Using a thin string cut into 4-5 inch pieces. Wrap your string around your animal to secure and tie a small bow or knot at the top to create a loop for hanging.
  3. Paint Your Animal: Create a wet base for the glitter to stick to using a similar color paint as the base coat. Make sure to brush all areas thoroughly so glitter will coat the whole animal.  
  4. Sprinkle Glitter: While the paint is still wet and tacky – coat the entire animal with glitter, making sure to rotate from all sides.
  5. Let Dry: Let your animal ornaments dry fully for 24 hours before touching to let the glitter adhere. Pro tip: Use a touch of hair stray to secure the exterior of the glitter.

Dont forget to send us pictures of your masterpiece for the chance to be featured on our Instagram page. We cant wait to see all your creations!

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