2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

Whether you are shopping for a slew of nieces and nephews, your students, a grandchild or your only child – we have fantastic gift guide ideas for every little person you have big love for! Those with lots of energy?! Check. Kids with endless imaginations (and the soundtrack to prove it!?) Check. And, of course, all the animal lovers in your life. Here are our top Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids. But don’t stop here – there is a whole Terra universe waiting…

Animal Barn by Terra

Gift Guide for Kids

For the Storyteller
Gift Suggestion: The Animal Barn

Is your child always spinning a tale? Is the only time they are quiet when they are chewing (and even then…!). Some children are born storytellers! Nurture their imaginations with a toy that offers up a plethora of stories to be told. The Terra by Battat Animal Barn is a classic toy barn and features loads of exciting details for curious minds. This real wooden barn playset includes bales of hay, a horse stable and a movable crank – now that’s something to moo and neigh about! Let your little farmer cultivate their garden and play the day away.

Remote Control Spider

For the Mover & Shaker
Gift Suggestion: RC Spider : Tarantula

Is your mini a mover? Do you have a child in your life that is always on the go? They need a special toy that can keep up! Our remote-control tarantula is a super realistic looking with light-up LED eyes. It crawls forward, left and right and spins 360 degrees! Your two-legger will get a run for their money with this life-like 8-legged spider toy.

For the Adventurer
Gift Ideas for Kids: Jungle World Tube

Your little adventurer never needs an excuse to go wild. May we suggest, you bring the wild to them! Every day is a chance to explore and create with our Jungle World Bucket! A perfect gift for your child, niece, nephew or grandchild, this kingdom will come to life at their fingertips. With 24 detailed creatures to enjoy, they can build their very own wildlife refuge.  Bold colors and life-like poses, these animals have everything to keep kids entertained through December and beyond. Because we know when it comes to the holiday season – it’s a jungle out there.

Do-it-Yourself Holiday Crackers

Snap! Crack & pop! Create a colorful holiday cracker with animal surprises inside! 

Snap, crack & pop! Holiday crackers combine the best of presents, surprises and excitement. You can make your very own! Trade them with friends or family for a bit of holiday cheer. 

Fact File You will need:

  • Cardboard Rolls
  • Colorful Wrapping paper
  • Cracker Snaps (these make the sound!)
  • Ribbons or String
  • Scissors (adult supervision required)
  • Wild animal toys

We would love to see all your unique holiday crackers, so don’t forget to share them with to us on Instagram by adding the hashtag #TerrabyBattat You might even get featured on our Instagram story! 

We hope you’ve learned a bit about the animal kingdom on your journey this year with us. We look forward to sharing more facts and fun with you in 2021! 

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