Love in the Animal Kingdom

Do you have a cat? Or a pet dog? Pets provide us with so much love. Those extra cuddles and Oh-so calming fur petting sessions. But have you ever wondered about how animals experience love? Us too. There is lots of evidence that animals can experience the same range of emotions as we can! In honor of Valentine’s Day, here we explore how animals show love to us and to each other 

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How do cats show love?

Cats show love in many subtle ways. They might head-butt you gently or follow you around. Cats sometimes even groom their owners, licking or giving small love bites. Some of the more unusual ways cats show love are by  bringing “gifts”. As natural hunters, your pet cat might bring over a bird or mouse they have caught. We know this is unwanted present! You can take the cat out of the wild but not the wild out of the cat.   
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How do dogs show love?

Similarlydogs show love in many small ways to their owners.  One of the most obvious is when dogs lean into you or lie next to you. These are signs that a dog feels safe and secure in your presence. You might wonder why your dog wants to sleep in your bed (outside of comfort!). Your dog sees you as part of its pack and doesn’t want to be separated. Just like cats, dogs have some strange behaviors to express their love toward you. Chewing on your shoes or socks? A bit gross but your pup loves your scent! This stinky habit is a sign of attachment... and (you guessed it) doggy love  
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How do penguins show love?

In the wild animals have their own unique ways of showing love to each other. Penguins are known for their loyalty . Gentoo penguins like to rock for their steady. Male gentoo penguins search through pebbles to find the loveliest and smoothest stones to present to their partner. If the female penguin approves, she places it in her nest to make things official. Many breeds of penguinincluding gentoo, chinstrap and Adélie have one mate for life. Sigh, so romantic.

DIY Animal Craft - Printable Valentine's Day Cards

Valentine’s Day 2021 is just around the corner and we are getting into the spirit.  Here are some printable Valentine’s Day cards just follow the instructions below.

You will need:

  • Craft scissors
  • Pens or colored pencils
  • Printing paper
  • A printer (supervision required)

Share your love with us @terrabybattat and show us your completed Terra Valentine’s Day cards. You already know you have our hearts!  

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