A Beautiful Horse's Day in the Neigh-borhood

We’ve got a special treat for our readers today: a peek inside the secret life of horses. And it’s not hearsay – you’re getting it straight from the horse’s mouth! So, sit back and enjoy some exquisite equine exposition as it carries you through a day in the life of a horse.
Four brown horses in a row peering above a stable fence

Horse Morning Routine

6 am – Ugh, the rooster crows to wake me up again. I can’t stand that guy. Don’t those cock-a-doodle birds know horses need their beauty sleep? We need a solid 4-5 hour chunk of sleep each night to rest our giant bodies. I weigh over 1,000 pounds on average – that’s a lot of weight to be carrying around all day! No wonder my hooves feel like concrete blocks when I first stand up.

7 am – Breakfast is served! I can’t get enough of that delicious hay. I’ll spend the next few hours just eating and eating, only stopping for water and taking toilet breaks. Did you know a horse produces about 50 pounds of manure a day? Watch your step, humans!

10 amThe barn doors open and it’s gorgeous outside. Time to run some laps around the pasture before my human brushes me down. I don’t mind a little grooming, but I sure do hate getting a bath. We horses only get a deep cleaning a few times a year since we’re kind of waterproof with our sleek, rain-resistant coats.

Afternoon Horse Adventures

1 pm – Lunchtime! My diet is pretty simple but satisfying. I’ll have several more portions of hay, plus some oats, grain, and a mineral treat. As a herbivore, I have teeth designed for grinding up all this plant matter. These chompers never stop growing, either!

4 pm – The sun starts getting low in the sky, which is my cue to really let loose. I’ll gallop around at top speeds just because I can. Speaking of which, did you know Secretariat (my hero) still holds the record for the fastest Triple Crown race? We’re born runners, baby!

Horses in the Evening

8 pmOk, now I’m tuckered out. It’s hard to keep this hugely magnificent body moving all day. My hooves are sore, my coat is dusty, and I’m carrying a full tummy. I’ll give my human friend an affectionate nudge before hitting the hay and falling into a deep sleep. Night night to all my fellow neigh-sayers – horses and humans alike!

And there you have it, folks! Straight from the horse’s mouth! Thanks for joining us on this rare peak into the routine and daily habits of horses. Until next time, keep your hooves clean!

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